After many weeks of on and off production since the end of February, the video from Call the Mayor Day on February 9th, 2010 is finally complete. Without further ado, I shall present to you all the fruits of my labour.

Please view it full screen and full quality if you are able to.



When I set on to make this video I originally wanted to do a short narrative simply about the day itself. Thinking that no one outside of the people involved would ever see it I started to write out a script. The concept quickly changed and it moved far beyond trying to simply document what happened but also why. I put myself in the viewer’s shoes, thought about what I would need to see to give me an overview about why this day happened. A video that was supposed to be around 3 minutes long grew to 8 minutes and 1 second exactly and even then I had to eventually stop adding content because things were changing so quickly. If I kept editing it to reflect the absolute latest development it would never get done.


I hope you all enjoy the video and please distribute it widely! Things won’t change unless we do it ourselves.


Links to sources:


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